DID Number

Never miss a call with Yala Chat’s call forwarding feature. You can now receive and pick up any incoming voice call without roaming charge when you are overseas. Subscribe to Yala Chat’s DID number and forward your voice calls to the DID number before you fly. When you are overseas, your incoming voice call will be forwarded to the DID number which will then trigger our system to reach via Yala Chat app when you are connected to WIFI/Cellular data network. Subscription is at S$5/month.

How it works?
  1. First, go to your Yala Chat app and under Account, select Buy Number.
  2. It will show you the list of DID numbers that you already purchased before. Click the buy number button to purchase a new DID number.
  3. DID number are only for Singapore only. In the next page, under Area, select level 3
  4. Click the tick button to confirm purchasing the number.
  5. The number purchased will be shown to you on the next page. Please take note of the number as this is the number that you will call forward your voice calls to. Make sure you have enough credit in your account for the purchase.
  6. Just before flying off at the airport, call forward all voice calls to the DID number purchased.
  7. When you are overseas, make sure that you have wifi/cellular data connection.
  8. Now, when somebody calls you, the call will be forwarded to the DID number which will trigger our system to forward the call to the Yala Chat app. You will then receive a call via the Yala Chat app. You can pick up the voice call via the Yala Chat app at no roaming cost and call charges. The only call charge is your local telco charging you local call rate from your mobile to the DID number.
  9. You can also return any call or call anyone anywhere from the Yala Chat app at very low IDD rate.
  10. When you do not need the DID number anymore, you can delete the DID number using the Yala Chat app.
Videos on how the call forwarding to DID number works

Android App Video

iOS App Video